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Studio Flash Photography – Why use it?

With home studio photography kits becoming very affordable these days, more and more people are taking the plunge and adding studio lighting to their growing kit bag. It’s doesn’t have to be brand new either, there are plenty of second hand lighting kits out there too.

Understanding light is the key to photography. You might choose to mix your studio light with some natural light from a window or you might just want a single light for those moody shadowy shots. It’s all very inexpensive and possible.

So why would you want to use a studio photography set up? Well one thing we definitely can’t control here is the weather! In a studio environment it doesn’t matter what it’s doing outside! And I’m not just talking about rain either, bright sunshine can get in the way of lovely portraits too! You’re in control of your lighting, you can have it as bright as you like, as many lights as you like, experiment by bouncing light off of reflectors and create something special.

Now all you need are some willing models. Dogs are a popular choice, cats aren’t quite so willing! Children are a popular choice too, although with the youngsters you need to be quick! Interacting with your models (the human kind) is another skill in itself which often needs practice. Keeping up the dialogue to keep children interested or to put adults at ease is often one of the most difficult parts of studio photography. Practicing with willing models is the key here, lots of it.

You’ll soon have those models flinging their hair around, rolling on the floor for you and having fun. You’ll be having fun too capturing all those wonderful expressions….and not once having to worry about the weather!

Braintree Studio Photographer

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