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Family Photographs – Don’t be shy, jump in and embrace the moment!

If I had a pound for everyone who says “I hate having my picture taken” I’d be a millionaire! I’d say I hear it every time I take family photographs.

Anyone who’s been to my studio knows that I’ll always encourage the grown ups to get in a shot or two with the children for family photographs. It’s perfectly normal for most people not to be completely in love with their own photograph and I know from experience that it can feel a little uncomfortable being in front of the camera. I know, I’ve recently had my Business Portraits done and all I could do was giggle!

Some of the silly shots before I was able to compose myself!

If you’re a new mum it’s very natural to be very aware of how you look, you might be tired, maybe not looking your best etc etc. BUT it’s so important. Why? Well, your little one will never be that small again AND your little one will just love those photographs when he or she is older.

Newborn Baby Photographer in Essex
Little Ennis will treasure this photograph of hs parents
Braintree family photography studio
Mum wasn’t keen but she’s there!
Fun natural family photography in Braintree
And who says we have to be sensible?!

More now than ever I feel quite strongly about this. Anyone who knows me knows that I have a Mum with Dementia. In 2017 I had to clear her house and down from the loft came a huge storage box full of photographs. My Dad was very interested in photography and took lots of slides. Rarely did we see any photographs in print so slideshows were the way forward. My Mum however was never enthusiastic about seeing the photographs, and even less willing to be in front of the camera!

So, imagine my shock when I pulled out this photograph:

It’s of me on my Mum’s lap at around 6 months old I guess. I’d never seen the photograph before and to be honest it made me cry. I can still well up when I see it now. I know for sure that Mum wouldn’t have been keen to be in that photograph but I’m so grateful that she did. I have that photograph treasured now and I plan to get a high resolution scan of it just in case anything happens to it.

This photograph has also become part of my big WHY. Why I do what I do, because I believe that these memories will be there for your children, your grandchildren and beyond.

So, when you decline being in that photograph stop and think about your future family and how they will treasure those moments.

Thanks for reading!

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