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Family Photo Albums – A thing of the past?

How many photographs have you taken this week? Do you use your phone? Let’s face it, that’s what we’re all doing these days and isn’t it wonderful that we’ve always got a camera with us. After all we all love a selfie!

So what do you do with your family photographs? Do you download them onto a disk or a hard drive or are most of them still on your phone? Is there anyone out there who gets their photographs printed or produces family photo albums.

I’ve got stacks and stacks of family photo albums carefully put together from about the age of 14 right through to my travelling days in my 20s. I used to love looking through them and still do now, I can lose hours engrossed in the memories.

Just a small selection of my photo albums, just taking a snap of them took me an hour … I became engrossed!

I realised that aside from producing the annual calendar, I really don’t have anything to physically look at. So to change that I started by producing a digital album of photographs taken at my 50th Birthday party in the Summer. I love it, as do my friends and family. I’ve taken it with me to a few places and enjoyed looking through it and remembering that lovely garden party we had. I’ve now vowed to produce one from any holiday to ensure that there’s something to enjoy in the future.

There are always offers available online, I upgraded my photobook to a nice hard cover with lay flat pages. It’s worth it as I want it to stand the test of time.

My 50th Birthday album with lay flat pages

You may want to print out your photographs and display them in a scrap book or a more traditional style photo album, you know the peel back and stick type! I would recommend getting your photographs printed by a dedicated printer. There are plenty available online or if you prefer the High Street then I can highly recommend Snappy Snaps. They print the photographs I produce for the Headgate Theatre in Colchester and they’re always very reasonable and of great quality. If you use the kiosk style printing you might find that the colours aren’t true. This is because printing is an art in itself and the printers do require colour managing.

As well as the everyday snaps, most families choose a professional photographer like me to capture more important milestones. New additions to your family, birthdays, a new pet, or the annual family portrait all involve a professional portrait photographer who can capture you all in a perfect setting, looking your best. The portraits I produce at my photography studio in Braintree are your own personal works of art and are designed to be displayed. There’s lots of evidence to show that it boosts self-esteem, confidence and contentment when your portraits are displayed in your home.

My clients can choose Wall Art as well as images on USB so that you can print and share your images. I would always recommend purchasing prints and wall art products from me as I use a professional lab so I can guarantee the quality. You don’t want to invest in beautiful portraits only to have them printed poorly.

So is it time you updated your Family Portrait? I’m holding a Family Day in the Braintree studio on Saturday 23rd February. There are six 45 minute sessions throughout the day, four have been booked so there are two remaining.

Get in touch if you’d like to find out more.

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