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Smashed it! Albert loved his Birthday Cake Smash

Welcome to the studio Albert!

It was such a joy to welcome little Albert to the studio in Braintree for his Birthday Experience Cake Smash. What a little smasher!

I love this photograph of Albert with his Mummy, they clearly have lots of fun together.

So no Birthday Experience Cake Smash would be complete without a gorgeous handmade cake from Little Lucy’s Bakery in Braintree. Albert’s Mummy requested a blue cake and yes…that base is pure white chocolate! Yum!!!

I’m a lover of simplicity! I of course encourage personal props, toys, balloons, pom poms you name it…but I am keen to keep the images clean of too much ‘stuff’. So if you’ve brought those things with you that’s great. We’ll make sure they’re included, just maybe not all at once. The main stage should be for your little one and the fabulous cake!

Ooooh tasty!!!

Albert was hilarious, he bashed that cake over and over again whilst giggling away. We were all laughing too, I just love the sound of laughter in the studio.

Albert’s gorgeous Auntie came along too, she dotes on him (lucky Albert!) and enjoyed helping Albert who wanted to walk over his cake…well when else can you do this eh?

Cheeky little monkey!

Oh boy did Albert love his bath! The water didn’t stay in his tub for long but that didn’t matter. Albert’s enjoyment was all that mattered!

I’m afraid I’ve got a ‘thing’ for eyelashes. I just love them and little ones all seem to have long gorgeous ones! This is one of my favourite photos from Albert’s shoot, his Mummy loved it too. Such a sweetie.

Peekaboo!! More lovely photographs are taken at the end of the shoot, those lovely getting dry shots. Albert enjoyed his game of peekaboo with us (and we enjoyed it too!).

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed Albert’s Birthday Experience Cake Smash!

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