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Oh Jorgie, you little Smasher!

With the new cosy log cabin studio all ready to go I was so pleased to welcome little Jorgie and her lovely family for her Birthday Experience Cake Smash session.

Jorgie arrived with her two brothers, Thomas and Ethan and of course her lovely Mummy & Daddy too!  The studio feels very welcoming and cosy with the lovely smell of wood inside.  With everyone instantly feeling at home we set to work capturing some photographs of the whole family together.  The Silly Sally Show seemed to go down well with Jorgie and her brothers giggling away in no time!

Family studio photography in Braintree

Family Studio Photography Braintree

Family Studio Photography Braintree

It goes without saying that all sessions are ‘child led’!  It’s about having fun and them enjoying themselves.  They had a great time and forget that they’re having their photographs taken.  Birthday Experience Cake Smash sessions have lots of variety so it keeps them interested.  Oh and spotting my curious ginger cat out of the window is always a hit with the children!

As it was Jorgie’s birthday (the boys understood this very well, they both had their 1st birthdays in the studio so we talked lots about their birthdays too) it was time for her to have some portaits on her own with her favourite dolls..

1st Birthday celebrations Braintree

Birthday Experience Cake Smash in Braintree

And then it was cake time!  The cake as always was made by Lucy from Little Lucy’s Bakery and it was another beautiful masterpiece.  Lucy can make the cake in the colours of your choice and this time the family requested it to be bold, girly and colourful!  Jorgie’s outfit was the same so the photographs are so lovely and bright.

Let the cake exploration commence!  Most children don’t just dive in, they like to explore, touch and experience their cake.  There’s absolutely no rush either, we’ve got plenty of time to just enjoy it.

Birthday Experience Cake Smash in Braintree

After plenty of exploring (and tasting!) Jorgie got stuck in!  She wasn’t afraid to get messy, in fact she absolutely loved it.  The cake is quite dense in texture so that it doesn’t just crumble so the grown ups do just need to help her break it up slightly.  Oh and taste it of course!  Her brothers were incredibly well behaved, they sat at the side and enjoyed watching Jorgie get messy.  We did invite them in at intervals to try the cake, they deserved it too bless them.

Some may be thinking ‘Wow that’s alot of sugar for a little one’ but actually very little of the cake gets eaten, the large chunks get saved and boxed up so that the family can take it home and enjoy it at leisure.  But oh my…did she just LOVE that white chocolate!

Birthday Experience Cake Smash in Braintree Birthday Experience Cake Smash in Braintree

She also thought having cake on her head was hilarious! She had us all in stitches, one very funny and gorgeous little Jorgie!

Birthday Experience Cake Smash in Braintree

Now being covered in cake is not a good look so it’s time for a bath..the big clean up.  Of course this is an opportunity to grab some more lovely pics too.  The studio now has natural light so the bath shots are done using this giving really beautiful results.

First Birthday Cake Smash Braintree First Birthday Cake Smash Braintree First Birthday Cake Smash Braintree First Birthday Cake Smash Braintree

First Birthday Cake Smash Braintree

Oh Jorgie, you kept on giving me so many photo opportunities..these towel shots are no exception!

I think it’s safe to say that Jorgie thoroughly enjoyed her Birthday Experience! What a smasher 😉

Thanks for reading.

Sally xx

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