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From Cradle to Cake! Aurora’s 1st Birthday Cake Smash Experience

I first met Aurora last February when she was just 14 days old and now here she is celebrating her 1st Birthday! Where did the time go?!

I was so looking forward to seeing her again and she’s still gorgeous with those amazing eyelashes

Here she is a year ago..

Every 1st Birthday Cake Smash kicks off with some photographs of the family together. Now if you’ve read any of my other blogs you’ll know that I have my reasons for encouraging this, most people are hesitant to get in front of the camera.

But I PROMISE you won’t regret it and it’s FUN!

I don’t expect everyone to always be looking at the camera, I do love to also capture the family having fun together. Aurora loves applause, it must be in the blood as Mum, Laura, is a performer and drama teacher!

Oh Princess Aurora, you’re looking gorgeous in your tutu and crown! More applause please!

Now no 1st Birthday Cake Smash would be complete without a beautifully handmade cake from Little Lucy’s Bakery in Braintree. Laura sent me a photograph of the cake and colours that she’d like and Lucy produced perfection.

Rarely do little ones dive in, not when there’s so much to explore. Touching it, feeling it and tasting is all part of a completely new experience. So we give them lots of time to take it all in. Aurora quickly tasted her cake and decided she liked it, very much!

It’s common for the little ones to have a little play and taste of the cake and then crawl off to look at other things. Light stands and clamps are popular! So we let them touch, remember this is all completely new and needs to be explored. They then realise that the cake is much more fun than a light stand…

The smash session comes to a natural end, it’s not timed or moved on in any way. Completely baby led, of course.

Now don’t panic, the cake doesn’t go to waste. Oh no, I don’t allow that! Most if it remains intact as it’s made in such a way that it doesn’t crumble. That way my little customers get to have their cake and eat it!

Once we’ve finished smashing, it’s time for a bath to clean up. I love this image, I wonder what she’s thinking. Captions please?!

Now I mentioned those eyelashes earlier, awesome!

I think Aurora enjoyed her bath!! We had more fun once she was clean and dry with a little game of peekaboo. I could have photographed her all day, what a little poppet she is.

Thank you Aurora for being a little smasher!

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