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Cake and Confetti! Georgie’s Birthday Cake Smash Experience

I just love a 1st Birthday Cake Smash Experience! Ok I know it’s not for my enjoyment but seeing this birthday girl enjoying herself with her big sister brings the biggest smile to my face.

The first thing my customers’ see when they visit the Braintree Studio (apart from the lovely studio!) is THAT amazing cake made by Little Lucy’s Bakery in Braintree.  She’s a marvel!  This cake had been especially made to match little Georgie’s birthday theme colours.

Birthday Experience Cake Smash

But before we dive into cake, we firstly take some photographs of the family together.  This might involve Mum and Dad too or maybe just siblings.  Georgie’s sister, Maisie, happily joined in …well there was a promise of cake! I love Georgie’s pose for the camera..Birthday Experience Cake Smash

Georgie’s Mum had brought a few lovely things that could be included in the photographs.  I do believe in less is more so we used one or two at a time.  It’s very easy for a shot to become cluttered, and we don’t want to take the attention away from the most important little person ;).  Georgie loved the ONE letters!


Birthday Experience Cake Smash1st Birthday Cake Smash Experience

Georgie’s Mummy also brought along some confetti filled balloons.  Georgie loved playing with them…see them again later the blog when we decided to burst them!

1st Birthday Cake Smash ExperienceAnd then of course it was time for cake!  Rarely do little ones dive straight in, it all starts with a little explore…

1st Birthday Cake Smash Experience

1st Birthday Cake Smash Experience After the cake has been fully smashed it’s time to clean up in the bath tub.  I use the natural light in the studio for these shots to bring out their absolute best.  Georgie’s blue eyes look amazing under this light..1st Birthday Cake Smash Experience1st Birthday Cake Smash Experience Braintree 1st Birthday Cake Smash Experience Braintree

All clean and lovely and wrapped in a fluffy towel..

1st Birthday Cake Smash Experience Braintree

And just for fun at the end of the shoot we decided to burst the balloons and shower little Georgie with confetti.  The bang of the balloon bursting didn’t bother her at all, it was the rest of us that leapt out of our skin!

1st Birthday Cake Smash Experience Braintree

Picking up the little gold disks was great fun for Georgie but required much concentration!  I’m still finding these gold disks two weeks later!  My little studio visitors love finding them, they think they’re treasure 😉1st Birthday Cake Smash Experience Braintree

Thank you Georgie, I hope you enjoyed your Birthday Cake Smash Experience.

Sally x


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