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Birthday Cake Smash for one very brave little boy.

Little Logan decided he would give his Mummy & Daddy a BIG surprise by arriving 3 months before his due date. Probably not the kind of surprise they’d like but 15 months on here he is enjoying his Birthday Cake Smash, full of beans and chuckles…

Logan started to make his appearance at 24 weeks so his parents were transferred to Coventry’s specialist unit. They managed to keep him at bay until 26 weeks and Logan was born on 26th October 2017.

The specialist care he received was clearly second to none. With him in his incubator was a little knitted octopus. The idea behind it is so that the green tentacles can act as the umbilical cord and tiny babies often find comfort in holding this. Apparently Logan didn’t show the slightest bit of interest, he was just busy growing and getting stronger by the day.

Here is Logan 15 months on with the octopus, apparently his little head was the same size!

Logan’s due date was 27th January so we decided to hold his Birthday Experience closer to that date rather than on his actual birthday. That way he would be able to get stuck in and enjoy it. Now he has two birthdays a year, just like the Queen!

Well no Birthday Cake Smash would be complete without a stunning creation from Little Lucy’s Bakery in Braintree. Lucy produced an AMAZINGLY beautiful cake for Logan. Blue was the chosen colour and Lucy decorated it with lots of bits for Logan to explore, oh and not forgetting the delicious white chocolate base.

It didn’t take long for Logan to get stuck in, he carved it up nicely with the spoon! I love his little concentrating face here..

Apparently he’s never sat still for so long! Logan is on the go all the time, he’s absolutely bursting with energy and happiness. And it’s contagious!

He loved the spoon, perfect for bashing!

I love the slogan on his outfit: ‘Little and Brave’. Perfect.

People often ask me why I have such a lovely cake made only to destroy it! Well it does get slightly destroyed as you can see but it’s made in such a way that it breaks off in chunks leaving plenty to be taken home and eaten. So yes, you can have your cake an eat it! (apologies, terrible pun!). I have once used a supermarket cake for a last minute smash, it just crumbled and therefore was completely wasted.

Ah, well never mind the spoon…just get stuck in!

Once Logan had finished with his cake (and we do wait for them to finish, they’re never rushed or moved on in a hurry) it was time for his clean up bath. Apparently there’s nothing this boy doesn’t enjoy, and I would have to agree. What a little smiler!

Loving the hair! A little game of peekaboo before getting dressed..

It was such a pleasure to meet Logan and his family, what a journey they’ve all been through. It was so lovely to be part of their Birthday Cake Smash celebration 🙂

Thank you for reading.

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