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Asher’s Birthday Cake Smash in Braintree..”What a great Experience”

Asher had his Birthday Cake Smash in Braintree and this is just what I love to hear..

What a great Experience!

Asher’s Mum

Asher’s 1st Birthday Experience was booked when he was only a couple of months old so it’s been a long time in the planning! This family came to me from Colchester so the ride up the A120 was perfect nap time for Asher. He arrived fresh and happy with his ‘I’m a bit shy at first’ brother, Aston who is 5 years old.

For me, the family photoshoot at the beginning of every session must be FUN. If it’s not fun it won’t work. So it’s about playing, being very silly and making friends with your new little models. After all, they’ve probably never seen anything like this before, and of course they’ve not met me either. Making friends is the first thing we do.

It wasn’t long before both boys were climbing all over Daddy! It’s lovely to capture this moment as it probably replicates what fun time is at home.

Asher’s very clever Mummy made this banner for Asher. As we hung it up he spotted himself, crawled over and pointed to it. Taaaadaaa!

No birthday cake smash in Braintree is complete without a birthday cake…it goes without saying! A birthday cake from the fabulous Little Lucy’s Bakery is very special though. Delicious sponge with a topping in your choice of colours, the white chocolate base (OMG it’s to die for!) and personalised with Asher’s name on the base. Perfection.

Asher looked pretty pleased with it too! I love his t-shirt, also personalised. There is so much fun stuff out there for 1st birthdays.

Get stuck in Asher! The first part of the experience is to touch and taste, all part of exploring. Asher didn’t waste much time in the taste department!

And then it’s time to have a bash with the spoon. Now I’m a great believer in having your cake and eating it! Lucy’s cakes don’t crumble into a complete mess. They break off which means that you can literally have your cake and eat it. You get to take most of it home to enjoy. I’ve used shop bought cakes before, well just once at a last minute session, and it was not a photogenic sight (and a complete waste of cake!) So there’s why I believe in investing in a bespoke cake.

The bath is always fun, Asher loved it! Lots of bubbles and splashing, well who wouldn’t love it?

Oh and not forgetting the ducks, every bath should have ducks!

Here’s my best angelic face….next I’m going to attempt to empty this bath with some serious splashing!!

And so, after lots of splashing and playing with ducks it was time to get dry. I think Asher would have been happy in that bath all day!

Super speedy Asher caught just before he zoomed out of the shot. His little game, and we were happy to play it!

Birthday Cake Smash in Braintree now booking for April/May.

Thanks for reading.

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