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Street Photography

This month’s Photography Club meet was all about Street Photography, another subject that we’ve not touched before…

We were very fortunate to have Brendan Wilson along for the evening.  He’s been doing Street Photography for years and has exhibited and sold his work along the way.

Brendan gave us a superb 45 minute talk/discussion about his Street Photography, what drives him and what creates a great image.  He then talked us through his photographs on a slideshow, paying particular attention to the purpose and reason for taking each shot.  Many of his images related to signage in the shot which gave club goers a good guide before hitting the streets.

After the talk we grabbed our cameras and headed for the streets of Colchester.  It was agreed by everyone that this was by no means and easy task and was certainly a challenge.  Something that we all found was that we felt slightly uncomfortable taking photographs of people in the street.  People notice your camera straight away and it takes alot of confidence to carry on shooting.  Of course, it’s not worth upsetting anyone…as Brendan said, no photograph is worth a broken jaw!

We all returned to the Quaker Meeting House where photographs were downloaded and viewed on a slideshow.  Considering how difficult we all found this subject, there are some really superb photographs from the evening.  The talk from Brendan certainly inspired the group…take a look at the photographs below and look for some of the subtle messages in the shots.  I’m impressed!

The gallery can be viewed by clicking the image below:

Street Photography

July’s Photography Club meet is on Thursday 14th July and we’re meeting in Dedham.  We’ll meet at the Marlborough Head Pub on the corner opposite the church and the Essex Rose Tea Room at 7pm.  This month we will be shooting the alphabet.  You’ll be given letters to use and find images connected to that letter.  Of course it could rain, we’ll still meet whatever the weather…there’s alway a brollie, or the pub of course!

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