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Rain never stops play!

After a fun Beginner Workshop in February at Beth Chatto Gardens the same group, plus a couple more joined again for the Beginner Plus Workshop at Lifehouse Spa.  This effectively is day two of the Beginner Workshop Series and is usually held about a month after the first workshop to give participants an opportunity to get a little practice in before the next session.

It’s rare that rain gets in our way and I wasn’t going to let a drop of the wet stuff spoil our day!  It was also very cold so the lesson plans were adjusted to suit the weather.  With a few indoor projects and some hot coffee we got to work.  I’m grateful to Lifehouse for upgrading our room which gave us loads of space to spread out and practice.

We did start our day outside in the gravel garden with a recap of what we learned on day 1.  This makes sure that everyone is happy and understands the basic principles.  After that we moved on adding more techniques and adjustments.

Exposure compensation allows the photographer to adjust the amount of light coming in through the lens so we got practicing with this new technique.  The group quickly mastered it and practiced on the various projects around the room.   We also discussed white balance and how to understand and use the histogram.

After lunch it was time to go completely manual.  With the work done in the morning it’s just an easy sideways step into this mode.  The group learned how to read the camera’s built in light meter and we used a leaf held up to the light to practice different exposures.  The aim was to be able to see the veins avoiding a dark silhouette.  Easy when you know how!

The rain moved away later in the afternoon so one or two hardy workshoppers headed out to explore the grounds whilst a few of us warmth lovers stayed inside and found some great architectural shots in and around the venue.

The weather certainly made the day more challenging but this also encouraged the group to understand available light and how to make it work for them.

Here are some of the photographs taken on the day, good work team!

Beginner Plus March 2016

The next Beginner Plus Workshop is on Saturday 11th June also at Lifehouse Spa,  let’s hope it’s a little warmer then!

Thanks for reading.

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