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Photography Club

Photography club is no longer run by Sally Parkinson Photography however there is still an active practical club that you can pop along to.  It’s run in the same way and at the same place, The Quaker Meeting House in Colchester on the 2nd Thursday of everymonth.  The club is called Shutterbugs and it’s for any level of ability.  If you’d like to go along, do get in touch with Kevin Jay by email for more information.

Photography Club

Photography Club Programme – 2016 (subject to change)
14 January – Ready, Steady… Shoot!
Stations of props, create great images within your team and review at the end of the night.
11 February – Smoke ‘n’ ice
Smoke trails and fun with dry ice.
10 March – The studio
Various studio lighting with models.  Come and play with different lighting set ups.
14 April – Perspectives
Bring props too if you wish, create some interesting perspectives.
12 May – On the spot
Groups will be given locations from where images must be taken.  Challenge your creative eye!
9 June – Street photography
Enjoy a talk from Street Photographer Brendan Wilson and head out for some practice afterwards.
14 July – Shoot the alphabet
Choose a letter and use that to find your creative image/s. On location in Dedham.
11 August – On location at Clacton Pier
We’ve got permission so come along and get creative.
8 September – Off camera flash
Learn how to use your flash gun at different angles to create great images.
13 October – Shutter speed work using liquids
Freezing and blurring action… and nailing that shot!
10 November – Traffic trails
Following on from October, using shutter speed to capture traffic trails.
8 December – Painting with light
Join us for some festive painting with light and a round up of the year’s club photography. Enjoy a mince pie or two.

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