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Photography for Beginners at an exciting new venue

I’m so pleased to announce an exciting new venue for Photography for Beginners Workshops in Coggeshall, Essex.  The West Street Vineyard is a beautiful venue with plenty of opportunities on offer.

They have a perfect private space upstairs for us to use for the day and some wonderful photographic opportunities in the grounds for practice.  There’s also a sheltered area outside which we can use if we wish, perfect if we want to stay outside and enjoy some sunshine.

The grapevines will give us lots of practice with our focusing and making the grapes ‘pop out’ by getting that nice blurry background.  We can practice our long depth of field too which means getting it all in sharp focus.  Practice is the key to your photography and with no techy talk we’ll have you snapping away in no time.   There is also a woodland area which is closed off to the public however we have permission to use it which is great!

A working lunch is provided by the venue and you can even get yourself a sneaky glass of wine if you fancy it too.

Photography Workshops for Beginners in Coggeshall, Essex

Small group workshops enable plenty of learning.  With the shared interest smaller groups enjoy the learning experience together which makes it fun. You may even make new friends, it happens alot! There is no such thing as a silly question and in small groups it’s much easier to get all your questions answered and enjoy a day out with your camera.

Beginner Photography Workshops in Coggeshall Essex

The West Street Vineyard is very easy to find, just off of the A120 between Colchester and Braintree.  There is plenty of parking too.

I can’t wait to start these workshops at this lovely new venue and hope to see you there soon. The next workshops are on Saturday 29th April 2017 and Sunday 10th September 2017.

If you’d like further information about Photography for Beginners Workshops in Coggeshall, Essex you may call or text WORKSHOPS to 07849 854308 or contact me via the website.

Thanks for reading!

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