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Putting life into Perspective

Photography Club this month was all about Perspectives.  We kicked off the evening with a little talk from Fran Dale about the subject.   As Fran explained, perspective is always taken into consideration when painting or drawing but tends to get overlooked in photography because the camera often does the work for us.  Having an understanding of how various lenses can affect buildings and the background will help to create different results.

There is also the perspective of scale which we explored during the evening using various props.  Some examples of this were handed out to give some ideas and the club goers were soon getting stuck in to this new challenge.

It turned out that it was much more difficult than everyone first thought it would be!  We all now appreciate just how long it takes to set up these types of shot.  It was fun though, and a great challenge.  Here are a few of the photographs taken on the night;

The gallery can be viewed by clicking the image below:


May’s club meet is on Thursday 12th May at the Quaker Meeting House.  The subject is ‘On the Spot’.  Small groups will be given a location and the challenge is to get really creative in that one spot.  So often we walk by a great photograph or we can’t see an opportunity because we’re overwhelmed with choice.  This narrows it down and provides a good opportunity to capture some detail.  Afterwards we will be viewing the images and asking the groups to try to identify the spot so you can make your images as cryptic as you like!

See you next month!


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